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On Wisconsin

There are places in this world we can claim for ourselves despite the fact that we are not legally a resident. For me, one of those is Wisconsin. I know that people who live there refer to Illinoisians as Flatlanders. … Continue reading

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Exploring the dark side of the Sno-W Fun Run

Midway through the 5-mile Snow Fun Run at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, an intense storm of flurries began to blow. It would have been quite romantic had it not been for the sting of ice droplets on … Continue reading

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A little bit crazy and somewhat hobbled, but much the better for it

That’s the general feeling of southern Wisconsin, where engaging in sex indoors and out and getting a little crazy is actually an official state sport. In fact if there weren’t laws against public nudity, it is a fairly sure bet there would be Wisconsinites and Flatlanders humping like badgers on every level piece of land and farm fence from Beloit to Eagle River. It’s just what they do up there. Continue reading

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