Do I Need a Sugar Detox?

I read a nice blog by a fellow fitness writer today. She does such a nice job of summarizing the problems associated with eating too much sugar, and what to do about it.

She noticed a trend toward a desire for more sugar in her own eating habits. Those instincts were perhaps kicked into gear by the “hook” that sugar seems to set in our brains. It’s a hyperdrive sort of sensation that says you can’t get enough. I’d add in that eating too much sugar is a real mood destroyer. So many reason to cut down on this stuff.

But you can, if you take steps. So here goes, a highly honest take on Sugar Detox thanks to FitAmbitiousBlonde:

Here’s the blog in full.

Do I Need a Sugar Detox?

Life...Take 2!

I have been finding myself increasingly craving sugar throughout my days as of late. This is more than a little odd for me because I am DEFINITELY Team Salt. I have, for as long as I can remember, craved salt. I normally always reach for the chips in the pantry over the cookies and can eat pickles by the jar full! I attribute this mostly to the fact that I have naturally low blood pressure. Like it is not unusual for me to measure in around the 100/45ish range. That is just how my body has always been.

Recently though, I have been finding myself more drawn to the sweets rather than the chips and pretzels. My cookie and candy intake has noticeably increased over the past couple of months where it was almost non-existent before. I have taken my blood pressure a few times now (we have one of…

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