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50 Years of Running: Competition’s Son, Part 6

Navigating childhood is a wandering path of growing friendships, responding to parental influence, and engaging in varying degrees of imagination. My best memories of childhood all center around playing in the yard of our Pennsylvania home. For starters, there were … Continue reading

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A long line of strong women

Heading into last weekend I read that a distance runner named Letensenbet Gidey had run a world record 5000M time of 14:06 in a track meet in Valencia, Spain. I sat there for a moment and thought, “14:06. That means … Continue reading

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That sweet spot in time

In 1980, I purchased a book titled The Sweet Spot In Time by John Jerome. This is the review it gets on Amazon.com these days. “Updated and with a new preface, this classic guide to the art and physiology of … Continue reading

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Cross country is liberal. Track is conservative. Both are great.

Track and field is teaching to the test. Cross country is learning through formative and collaborative means. Continue reading

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10 ways to test whether you could you survive being a runner in the 70s

For better or worse, the sport of distance running has changed quite a bit since the Running Boom first took off in the early 1970s. That’s when Frank Shorter won the Olympic Marathon and the world of jogging got its … Continue reading

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From running to riding, Tom Burridge excels through the ages

By Christopher Cudworth It is important to relate the following anecdote shared by Tom Burridge about a recent cycling experience. “I was entered in a cycling criterium and did not do a proper warmup,” he chuckles. “So the first five … Continue reading

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Vicarious gleanings for those who run and ride

By Christopher Cudworth As an active participant in sports all my life, I have never fully fallen into the realm of an armchair participant in sports. I’d much rather play than watch. But there are exceptions. Most recently it was a … Continue reading

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I’ve never done steroids or doped. And it’s pretty hard living clean.

As a competitive runner from high school to post-collegiate days, I stood 6’1″ and weighed 140 lbs. That’s pretty skinny. A nurse who tested me at a health fair scored my BMI (Body Mass Index) at 3% body fat. “Don’t … Continue reading

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