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Lovable Meb versus Rupp the disrupter

I watched the Olympic Trials marathon on DVR, so I already knew who would win. And I fell asleep watching it. And so missed the apparent running exchange between Meb and Galen, because the younger runner was crowding the road … Continue reading

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What a pill to swallow

As a kid, I could not swallow pills. My mother had to pack them into food to get them down. I distinctly remember the acid taste of aspirin exploding on my tongue. And crying. Likely that’s a product of my … Continue reading

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Give fully to invest in the public good

With all the debate over government spending and what constitutes socialism raging across the land, perhaps it’s a good time to shed some perspective on how government really works. And it all centers around running. The town where I live … Continue reading

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The renewed focus of We Run and Ride

Recently while working out designs for a cycling kit shirt and tee shirts for this blog, I wrote down a list of things that mattered most while writing this column. The list flowed right out of me, and that’s usually … Continue reading

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Running the numbers on rape

It is stunning to read the views some men have on the subject of rape. It’s a pertinent topic to those of us who run, ride and swim, because those activities can put people at risk of being physically assaulted. Granted, … Continue reading

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Digging the indoor swim vibe

Sunday mornings are often the time when weekend athletes get to compete. That’s when the streets are most quiet and facilities like high school pools are open for use by people outside the school community.   This weekend, the vibe … Continue reading

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Pins and picks

Cleaning off the top of my dresser is always an exercise in personal topography. The year tends to pile up in patches if you don’t get around to shoveling change into the jar and sorting through the many things that … Continue reading

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Would love your feedback on my shirt graphics

Creating shirt graphics for We Run and Ride. And through that process have come up with a philosophy that expresses the goals of this blog. There is a front graphic that looks like this on a white shirt with black … Continue reading

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Get your FTP face on

Cyclists love empiric data. As they say in so many endurance sports, the numbers don’t lie. And yet most endurance athletes with any amount of experience grow pretty good at lying to themselves. It’s a necessity some days. When the … Continue reading

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Why stuff like fashion, sexism and ageism matter to those who run, ride and swim

So yesterday’s rather long blog about Victoria’s Real Secret might seem to be off the subject of running and riding and swimming. But I think about these things because they do relate to the worlds of running, cycling and swimming. … Continue reading

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