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Computraining (my butt)

Somewhere past the one-hour mark in a 1:30 training session on the Computrainer at Mill Race Cyclery, I simply had to get off the bike. The compression of the bike seat added up to soreness on the sit bones, and … Continue reading

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Get your FTP face on

Cyclists love empiric data. As they say in so many endurance sports, the numbers don’t lie. And yet most endurance athletes with any amount of experience grow pretty good at lying to themselves. It’s a necessity some days. When the … Continue reading

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Training the untrained cycling eye

Somewhere during last night’s computraining session, midway through the third of five tw0-minute intervals at 85% intensity, a black vortex began to spin inside my head. The normal floaters that flit before my vision were replaced by a veritable snowglobe of … Continue reading

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Now that would be scary. Running and riding through Halloween.

By Christopher Cudworth   I’m not much for the occult. Don’t believe in ghosts, zombies, goblins or the undead. It all seems fake to me.  But if I did believe in all that, the world really would be a scary … Continue reading

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