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One Baloney sandwich, a bag of fritos, a Suzy Q and a bottle of Coke

These days information on nutrition for athletes is everywhere. There is nutrition advice specific to individual and multisport athletes. There is nutrition advice for Ironman triathletes. You can’t turn around without finding nutrition advice on your feed, or in ads, … Continue reading

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Thinking triathlon thoughts

As we look ahead to the new year, we should ask ourselves what sorts of thinking should be taking place when it comes to training for the next season’s triathlons. Short stuff Well, that depends in part on the length … Continue reading

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Shrinking the public penis problem

From the evidence of recent news reports, it appears that every penis on the planet has now officially either been photographed and either sent as a text or exposed directly to a member (pun intended) of the female human race. So … Continue reading

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On strategies for the long run

In 2005 I took a swim lesson or two with plans on becoming a multisport athlete. The swim lessons were interesting. I lost a contact lens in the pool and did not make much progress. That was in late April, … Continue reading

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Be thankful if you’re not decommissioned

There are not many statistics about how many endurance athletes are forced to give up their sports due to injury or other conditions. But it happens. And if you’re still running, riding and swimming, you should be thankful. Not everyone … Continue reading

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Give me some words I can dance to, or a melody that rhymes

I’ve always thought it something of a blessing to be moody. One spring day in the mid- 80s, as I headed out for a long run, I found myself quietly singing the words to The Pretender by Jackson Browne. I … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong rides into the present in Oprah Winfrey interview

Like a man coming up for air, Lance Armstrong burst through the surface of his deep and fantastic past to breathe the air of reality during his interview with Oprah Winfrey on the OWN network. Whether those initial gulps of … Continue reading

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Rachel Johnson is a runner, Nordic skier and Ultimate player who knows how to chill

18-year-old Rachel Johnson exemplifies the growing diversity of interests among female athletes in America. In fall she’s a runner competing for Robbinsdale high school in Minnesota high school cross country. From November through February she hits the snow with the … Continue reading

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