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Finding time for workouts

As a young father in my late 20s and early 30s, I made the decision to back off heavy training to concentrate more on making a living and being a good father. That doesn’t mean I quit running altogether. It … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t work out yesterday

Yesterday while driving around I recognized that there was no more avoiding reality. The air conditioning in my car needed a fix, as the freon apparently needed to be ‘recharged.’ After a morning of driving around in the heat of … Continue reading

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The small joys of incremental progress

Yesterday was a track session at the Vaughn Center, a public fitness facility that has a 200-meter indoor track. It’s a great place to run on a February afternoon when temperatures are in the mid-teens and the wind chill makes … Continue reading

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Greetings and Happy New Year from the gym, where only insane people and those who look like them go nuts working out

Some of us even hire trainers to put us through the paces. Think about it: trainers are people who go to school to learn how to instruct people on how to do insanely difficult things. Over and over.Of course most of us need this type of instruction because left to our own devices, we would do insanely stupid stuff rather than insanely smart stuff. Continue reading

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Who is she?

She doesn’t mind the shape of my legs, Or that I might shave them. She cares not that I devote a little time out on the road. In fact she’s always with me in one way or another. She knows … Continue reading

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10 Great Ways to Maintain Motivation and Improve Results from Morning Workouts

10 Great Ways to Maintain Motivation and Improve Results from Morning Workouts By Christopher Cudworth  Getting up early to work out is both a science and an art. Having conducted many failed experiments in the science and art of morning … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Tell If Your Next Workout is Really “Worth It”

By Christopher Cudworth  People who are not professional athletes still have legitimate goals for their workouts. In the face of pressing work schedules or family obligations, it can be difficult to determine how much time to put into your workout … Continue reading

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