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The numbers really do lie sometimes

At the race packet pickup last Saturday, the guy handing out the numbers gave me a weird smile. “I hate to tell you this,” he grinned. “But your number is 666.” Okay, I laughed. The Mark of the Beast. However, … Continue reading

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The secret to love what you’re doing when you run, ride and swim

Motivation is the power source of all performance. Without motivation, there is no will to work. Without the will to work, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no achievement. And without the¬†potential for achievement, there is no real … Continue reading

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Torn between two lovers…

Relax, it’s not what you think. I’m not having an affair. But my long term relationships with running/riding and birding do come into conflict this time of year. I’ll be out running (as I was this morning) and hear a … Continue reading

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Ever thought about the best fitness investments you ever made?

All of us depend on equipment and coaching to improve performance. In 40+ years of competition, I’ve tried to¬†invest in areas where the returns are greatest. Some of these items were part of a team opportunity or program. Others were … Continue reading

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Hard on the streets and Back On My Feet

I guess you could say this was a serendipitous morning. My encounter with a homeless fellow this morning was something unexpected, but illustrative. My son Evan Paul Cudworth is running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon this weekend to raise money … Continue reading

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Between the trees

Sue and I attended church on Saturday night. The sermon was about living in the “space between” the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Book of Genesis and the Tree of Life in the Book of Revelation. … Continue reading

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Cheaper than therapy, but here’s what you might miss

There’s a meme that says Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy. And that’s generally true. But at the price of $150 per pair of shoes, it’s getting to be an almost even competition. Cycling is perhaps cheaper than therapy, and swimming … Continue reading

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The renewed focus of We Run and Ride

Recently while working out designs for a cycling kit shirt and tee shirts for this blog, I wrote down a list of things that mattered most while writing this column. The list flowed right out of me, and that’s usually … Continue reading

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Pins and picks

Cleaning off the top of my dresser is always an exercise in personal topography. The year tends to pile up in patches if you don’t get around to shoveling change into the jar and sorting through the many things that … Continue reading

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Making it happen

This past summer while shopping for running shoes at Naperville Running Company, I met a young man that worked at the shop during breaks between school years at North Central College. We talked about running for a bit and one … Continue reading

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