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How do you view progress?

In the age of smartphones, Garmin devices and software that can measure everything from your heart rate to the watts you’re pumping out, the question still remains: how do you view progress? Is it all digital? Empiric? Or can you … Continue reading

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Moonlighting as a cyclist

This morning’s ride started at 5:45 a.m. The sun was up far enough to provide some light. A bright moon was still perched in the southwestern sky. We tend to think of the moon as truly “here” only when it … Continue reading

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The not-so-secret “secrets” of setting PRs

The not-so-secret “secret” of setting PRs is building backward from the race distance itself in terms of time needed to prepare and to establish race “markers” for progress along the way.  Then one must create fitness using an incrementally-based training … Continue reading

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Time in the Saddle Alone (TITSA)

Last night I parked the car at the train station so that my wife could drive it home after her commute. That gave me the chance to ride 20+ miles during the hour and a half of good light still … Continue reading

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You know you’re married to a triathlete when…

You know you’re married to a triathlete when… The alarm goes off at 5:00 and you realize your partner has already been up training for half an hour… The laundry basket is a colorful yet highly fragrant core sample of … Continue reading

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Thinking triathlon thoughts

As we look ahead to the new year, we should ask ourselves what sorts of thinking should be taking place when it comes to training for the next season’s triathlons. Short stuff Well, that depends in part on the length … Continue reading

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If it’s change you want, it pays to invest in the Performance Piggybank

As athletes, we might imagine that change comes about in big breakthroughs. We train everyday hoping there will come a day when the nine-miler that felt hard last weekend suddenly feels easy. Yet that’s not how it usually works. Instead, … Continue reading

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Hybrid dreams

  Midway through my ride yesterday, I turned right from Burr Road onto Silver Glen Road heading east toward a bridge across the Fox River. It was a mellow ride thus far, a bit of recovery two days after the … Continue reading

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Explaining the lure of triathlon to someone who doesn’t

From the outside looking in, the sport of triathlon certainly looks insane. Magic Marker numbers scrawled on bare skin. Tight racing suits, radical sunglasses and a strange variety of hats and helmets. Bikes that look more like wine bottle openers … Continue reading

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Open water confessions

One of the benefits of training for a triathlon with a club is the motivation of shared experiences. Whether you’re an expert able to give advice to a beginning athlete, or someone starting out who is eager to learn, training … Continue reading

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