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Some optics from Ironman Louisville

My wife completed Ironman Louisville with a one-hour personal record for the full distance. This was her second 140.6. The first was a similarly hilly course in Madison, Wisconsin. So she’s got two under her race belt and learned so … Continue reading

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Louisville Ironman awaits

If the weather moderates as is predicted here in Louiseville, with only shreds of rain versus sheets of it, the day might be quite good for racing after all. We arrived on Thursday evening and have had ample time to … Continue reading

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Virgin Territory a tale of determination

The book Virgin Territory is the new biography of American distance runner Craig Virgin. The book was authored by longtime sportswriter Randy Sharer and is available on , at or on Nook Book, A successful sports biography does several things. First, it … Continue reading

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Assessing the damage

In a long and athletic life so far, I’ve had my share of injuries and done some interesting damage to my body. The most recent is a dodgy knee that requires serious medical attention. That’s an injury I’ve been hoping … Continue reading

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Becoming a Survivor on Injury Island

Yesterday I walked right into a reality show. I was out shooting video for a documentary in our town when my knee gave a jolt and bam, I was transported to a place that I never like to go. Injury … Continue reading

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Cryptically speaking, we’re all scarecrows of some sort

Yesterday morning I fully intended to go to church. I had the check for the offering in my shirt pocket and had worn my favorite pale gray stretch jeans. But the journey north to church included a stop to photograph … Continue reading

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On roots and transitions

The transition of ownership and management in world of farming is one of the vexing challenges for families that have passed land down from one generation to the next. “The older generation struggles to let go of the reins,” says … Continue reading

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Through the land of corn and soy

Our home sits on the edge of civilization where suburban homes give way to agricultural land. The farm fields extend 120 miles west to the Mississippi River, broken only by towns with a farming history; Dekalb, Dixon and Rock Island. … Continue reading

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Does my knee need Viagra?

The medial collateral ligament in my left knee is a bit squishy of late. At some point in every hard run, it protrudes and the knee joint gets wishy-washy for a bit. This has been taking place on an off … Continue reading

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Even the losers get lucky sometimes

Thomas Earl Petty was born Oct. 20, 1950, in Gainesville, Fla., the first child of Earl and Katherine “Kitty” Petty. Petty had a difficult relationship with his father, and cited a particularly brutal beating he received at age 5 that … Continue reading

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