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The dreams we have should never be so common they aren’t special anymore.

I’ve mentioned that my Garmin Fenix sports watch tracks my sleep as well as the miles I swim, ride and run. Every morning I can wake to see how much Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, and REM Sleep I’ve managed overnight. … Continue reading

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Have you any dreams you’d like to share?

Like so many people, there are periods when the dreams I have at night are so vivid they almost make my head spin when I wake up in the morning. Some of the dreams are clear and direct. You can … Continue reading

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Are dreams important?

How are your dreams? Are they intense and in color? Or do they fade so quickly when you rise in the morning that you cannot remember them? Last night I dreamt that I was out on a trip somewhere with … Continue reading

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Do you believe in bridges?

  Last night following a busy Christmas Day in which we celebrated at three different homes, my mind went to work when the head hit the pillow.   The dreams that came about were all about what it means to have … Continue reading

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Running and riding through sleep’s dark and silent gate

Are you dreaming of running and riding? Lately I’ve had such weird dreams that I’ve turned to friends and the web to help understand them. On the dream interpretation sites there are zillions of takes about what dreams mean. So … Continue reading

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You never dream it could happen to you

By Christopher Cudworth It doesn’t always pay to try to relate dreams to others. It seems you can never fully capture the weirdness and reality of a dream when you describe it to someone else in conversation. Yet sometimes the … Continue reading

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