Running and riding through sleep’s dark and silent gate

Are you dreaming of running and riding?

photo (1)Lately I’ve had such weird dreams that I’ve turned to friends and the web to help understand them. On the dream interpretation sites there are zillions of takes about what dreams mean. So I thought I’d share some excerpts drawn from the sites and let you see what you make of them. Because if you run and ride, you’re almost certain to dream about them at some time.

So here goes. What does it mean when you dream about…


To dream that you are running away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions. In particular, if you are running from an attacker or any danger, then it suggests that you are not facing and confronting your fears.

To dream that you are trying to run but cannot make your feet move as fast as you want them to, signifies lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. It may also reflect your actual state of REM paralysis while in the dream state. 

photoTo dream that you are running alone, signifies that you will advance to a higher position and surpass your friends in the race for wealth. Alternatively, you may be running from some situation or from temptation. Or it may also mean that you need to hurry up in making a decision. 

To dream that you are running with others, signifies festive and prosperous times.

And here is information about what it means to dream about riding a bicycle.

Riding a bicycle

To dream that you are riding a bicycle signifies your desires to attain a balance in your life. You need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed in your current undertakings. If you have difficulties riding the bicycle, then it suggests that you are

The classic geometry of a Schwinn bike.

experiencing anxieties about making it on your own. If you are riding a push bike, then it means that you want to move forward at your own pace and by your own power.

To see a bicycle in your dream indicates that you need to devote time to leisurely pursuits and recreation.

To dream that you are riding tandem in a bicycle suggests that you are more accepting with aspects of yourself or of your partner that you have previously rejected

Start making sense of it

It all sort of seems to make sense, doesn’t it? There must be enough people who have similar dreams to build evidence about what these dreams mean and the psychology of them.

Of course, it could all just be bullshit too.

Which means that if you have a dream about running and riding and want to know what it means, you’re just dreaming to think you can make sense of it.

There’s your Post-Post-Post Modern approach to what dreams really mean.

Another realm

8-devil-guy-crazy-tour-de-france-fans-1All I know is that some of my dreams have been so intense lately it feels like waking up in an alternate universe. Or worse yet, a universe I’d rather escape and can’t.

Which is worse? If you try to run away from your problems in real life, it never works. They chase after you like demons. If you try to run away in a dream, it’s the same story, only the demons actually own you it seems, in dreams.

Perhaps this is all best left alone. Don’t analyze. Just wake up, shake off the dream and go out and run and ride. It’s all a dream anyway, in the end.

Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate

I’ll leave it to Jackson Browne (one of the most brilliant songwriters to live…) to explain.

See, it’s all about love and life and trying to dream your way out of the past and into the future.

That’s why we run and ride too.

And when we go to sleep, we pass under…

Sleep’s Dark and Silent Gate.

Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
Where my life will lead me
Waiting to pass under Sleep’s dark and silent gate
I found my love too late
Running around day after day
Looking for the time to play
While my old friends slipped away
Never should have had to try so hard
To make a love work out, I guess
I don’t know what love has got to do with happiness
But the times when we were happy
Were the times we never tried
Sitting down by the highway
Looking down the road
Waiting for a ride
I don’t know where I’ve been
Wishing I could fly away
Don’t know where I’m going
Wishing I could hide
Oh God this is some shape I’m in
When the only thing that makes me cry
Is the kindness in my baby’s eye
Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder
Where the years have gone
They have all passed under
Sleep’s dark and silent gate



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