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The obstacle course and the Tour de France

About a decade ago I wrote to one of the leading physiotherapy groups in the Chicago region with an idea to promote their services. And I paraphrase. “We should set up Human Agility Trials just like they do for dogs.” And … Continue reading

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1984 Olympic Marathon one of the most beautiful runs of all time

Hardly in the history of running has there been a more beautiful stride than that of Carlos Lopes. His feet merely kiss the ground. His stride wastes almost no motion. If you are a marathoner or half-marathoner and want to model your stride after one of the greatest runners in distance history, follow the lead of one Carlos Lopes. Continue reading

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Vicarious gleanings for those who run and ride

By Christopher Cudworth As an active participant in sports all my life, I have never fully fallen into the realm of an armchair participant in sports. I’d much rather play than watch. But there are exceptions. Most recently it was a … Continue reading

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Are running and riding a self-indulgence?

A friend with whom I went to high school and college was living in his girlfriend’s house on Menominee Street in Chicago when I returned to the Midwest after a job in Philadelphia was terminated. It wasn’t just the job … Continue reading

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