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Something’s missing

I missed a day on the blog yesterday. No biggie. It’s just like missing a day in training though. When you live by a certain rhythm and things change for reasons of necessity, it’s time to adapt and move on. … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of progress

When I was researching a new bike this past winter, the weather was typically raw. In the middle of that cold season, it’s a bit hard to imagine what a new bike will feel like. At the time we had … Continue reading

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It was time to fit the man to the bike

Bike fitting, it is said, is equal parts science and art. But I am here to tell you it is neither of the two. To absolutely fit yourself to a bike frame, you must resort to much more extreme means … Continue reading

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Rethinking the bike and a few other things

By Christopher Cudworth At the time I purchased a real road bike nearly 10 years ago, bicycle frames had gone under a revolution in thinking that changed how most people even looked at the machines we use to get around, race … Continue reading

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If you run and ride, please be seated

By Christopher Cudworth How is your relationship with chairs? With seats? Car seats. Desk chairs. Everywhere we go, we’re sitting. But how well? It makes a difference, you know. How you sit. One bad chair can ruin an entire season … Continue reading

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