Something’s missing

Fit Contraption.jpgI missed a day on the blog yesterday. No biggie. It’s just like missing a day in training though. When you live by a certain rhythm and things change for reasons of necessity, it’s time to adapt and move on. Don’t dwell on the missed opportunities of yesterday. Sure, you have to deal with the feeling that something’s missing in your life. But you can’t go back in time.

And while I missed writing a blog, I did not miss training. At 6:00 a.m. I hit the gym for needed strength work. If I don’t keep up with leg workouts all sorts of bad things start to happen, especially with the knees. So I lifted and came back home to get ready for work.

Fit Pix.jpgAnd I wasn’t thinking about getting in a ride because there was a busy day ahead. Part of the busy schedule was a bike fitting session however. So I showed up with my cycling gear and after an hour of measurements to test out flexibility and body structure, it was time to climb on the fitting contraption and ride while the bike fit guy taped me up with dots to study my riding form against the empiric lines of a background grid.

Then I rode and rode and rode. A tablet read back the effort with cadence and I kept it above 90 the whole time. Minutes turned to hours. Sweat rolled down my body. The bike fit guy moved back and forth between his computer and his bike tools, tweaking here and asking questions there.

Fit Butts.jpgThe results are not complete. We’re going to consider a narrower set of handlebars and some other consideration. My bike seat was rigged with a pressure pad to test how my butt bones interact with the seat. I sweated so much the bike fit guy had to put more dots on my body. And I pedaled. And he watched. And I pedaled some more.

But my hands still hurt on the hoods in the bike measurements he took from my Venge to the bike contraption. He assured me that we move from the pedals up, and that we’d get to the hands, shoulders and upper body position eventually. “You’re long in a lot of places,” he warned me.

And I thought: “Like I don’t know that.” I shared the fact that the most comfortable bike I’ve ridden was a Robaix out west during a training camp. And we both knew the elephant in the room at that moment. A Venge is not a Robaix. So there’s that.

I’m reticent to share that he also tossed me on a brand new Trek Madone, and that bike felt like silk in a mile-long test drive. So there’s that. No hand tension. Will there be a solution to all this in my future? We’ll see. Fit Dots.jpg

But in any case, I did not miss a day of training. All that riding added up to a solid hour+ of riding at a good pace. Proving that all of this is a day-by-day proposition.




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