Let me run this past you…

This will be a odd post because it’s a bit of an embarrassing subject. It seems that when I wrote the blog article titled Women Run Past Breast Fixation In Society I had an idea it might get some interesting traffic but frankly it has taken over the blog in terms of daily hits on articles.

It seems that when I filched a particular photo from some random boob site the photo must have been SEO’d to the max. I was in a hurry and trying to prove a point about the absurdity of breast obsession and picked one outlandish photo that Google apparently thinks is pretty important.

Over time the daily search results have become filled with references to big breasts and every other kind of word you can conceive for that part of the

It seems some people actually are interested in breasts.

It seems some people actually are interested in breasts.

female anatomy. Here’s what today’s search results look like. Click to enlarge (no pun intended.) I dare you to read it out loud. It’s like some form of perverse found poetry. Perhaps I’ll publish that as a blog. Just string together all the search results the last month and call it art. People have done worse.

Serves me right?

So I’m chagrined, and have learned a little bit of a lesson about being flippant on a subject. Especially a sexual subject.

But on the other hand, I’m rather proud of the fact that the article I wrote calls on men to grow up a little and look beyond breasts and their objectification of women. If 25 men a day reach my post and 50% of them actually read the article about women as athletes rather than women as boobs with a female attached then I’ve done something of a weird sort of service to society.

Not the same mistake twice

I’m not going to be stupid and stick that same outrageous photo of the women with the gigantic breasts in today’s post. I’m not going to tag this post with any keywords either. But I predict a few men with boobs on their mind will still wind up here, because Google now seems to think that what I have to offer is what these men are looking for.

I’m no innocent. I’m not claiming I’m above and beyond that kind of thinking at all. But in trying to objectify my bad habits and grow up a little, I’ve unwittingly unleashed an ogle portal through Google. That’s one of the tarsnakes of writing about something controversial. You may foster the very behavior you hope to avoid.

I hope a few of these hungry souls do read my article rather than just click away and go searching all over again. Perhaps one can’t really change the world in that way. At least not emphatically. But maybe one or two guys will think better of their thought patterns, and not make a wolf whistle at a female runner in a jog bra. If that one little change occurs, at least someone’s day won’t be ruined. And that’s worth a try.

And some percussively obsessive search results.


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Christopher Cudworth is a content producer, writer and blogger with more than 25 years’ experience in B2B and B2C marketing, journalism, public relations and social media. Connect with Christopher on Twitter: @genesisfix07 and blogs at werunandride.com, therightkindofpride.com and genesisfix.wordpress.com Online portfolio: http://www.behance.net/christophercudworth
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