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50 Years of Running: Emotional Intelligence in the Face of Corporate and Community Politics

At about the same time that I won the position of Promotions and Creative Services Manager for the Kane County Chronicle in 1990, my activity in the city of Batavia led to a rise in responsibilities in the local Chamber … Continue reading

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The toughest thing out there is believing in yourself

I’ve had plenty of time and reason lately to think about things that have gone well in life, and things that have not. Plus my son Evan is aiming to do wonderful things with his company dedicated to helping people … Continue reading

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Light thoughts on a dark morning

  Gosh, it was dark out this morning at 5:40 when I stepped out the door to run. It was hard getting out of bed knowing it was cold and windy outside. But I gathered up the gear to run … Continue reading

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The question of emotional intelligence

Having rightly been accused of lacking emotional intelligence at times, I took a quiz at Lifescript.com to see how I fared. The results were spot on. As an athlete for many years, I recognize the value of emotional intelligence in … Continue reading

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Like it or not, all of life is a competition

Yesterday’s blog about a found love note was full of intrigue. The obviously young man competing for the love of his wife with the rest of life brought back reminders of being a young man and in love. I was one … Continue reading

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