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Understanding dogs can be a real bite in the butt

This morning while running our dog around the dog park, she took to playing with an same-sized pup named Evie. She’s a shepard mix of some sort who loves to run and growl and tumble with Lucy, our pit/border/beagle/boxer mix. … Continue reading

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Running and riding to the rescue

There aren’t many situations in life where the ability to run fast is all that handy. Most of the 50,000 miles I’ve run or the equal number of miles I’ve ridden have not served any purpose other than my own … Continue reading

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Don’t June know it’s summer?

Every flower needs certain basics things to reach full bloom. Good soil helps. Rain at times. Perhaps some tending. Lacking these things, the plant struggles to fulfill its destiny. Likewise with endurance athletes. The ‘base’ of endurance training we all … Continue reading

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How far would you go to protect your running and riding career?

By Christopher Cudworth In yesterday’s blog about unintentional cross-training, I documented the benefits of cross training with a paper route in my early years as a competitive distance runner. The early mornings, the extra exercise, the discipline of daily commitment … Continue reading

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