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Selfish absorption and distraction is killing police, cyclists and America

This weekend the Chicago Tribune reported on the death of yet another State of Illinois police trooper when someone crashed into them during a traffic stop. That’s the third death of a state trooper this year. People keep crashing into … Continue reading

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One-stepping and half-wheeling and American Exceptionalism

Those of us who run and ride or both know that etiquette does play a certain role in the life of both sports. When you show up for the Saturday morning group run or group ride, the histrionics of who … Continue reading

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Before Lance Armstrong goes on with Oprah Winfrey…

Lance Armstrong’s confession was there all along, if you knew where and how to look. As a result, I suggested we all consider forgiving Armstrong for his past transgressions and try to move on with what cycling will become in … Continue reading

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