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We’re all like geese and coyotes and Cooper’s hawks

One of the species that wildlife biologists and hunters sought to protect in the early 1970s was the Canada goose. This familiar species is now so common as to qualify as a pest, but that was not the case five … Continue reading

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Coyotes and poodles

Our home backs up to a wetland. There is a pack of coyotes that frequent the wilds back there. They feed on rabbits and other furry edibles. Recently, they also snatched a neighbor’s poodle. I met the owners that morning, a … Continue reading

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Run rabbit run

Yesterday morning my wife and I noticed a pair of coyotes walking the path behind our house. Our yard backs up to a wetland that attracts wildlife year-round. Rabbits lurk in the hedge between our property and the tall grasses … Continue reading

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Under a coyote moon

Running at twilight in the wintertime is a beautiful thing. Snowbanks slowly turn blue. The last burst of sunlight leaks out on the landscape before true dusk falls. In January, when the night is clear, a starlike planet or two appears in … Continue reading

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On some Christmas mornings, we run into mysteries

On Christmas morning for the last 25 years, I have taken a run on the same golf course north of the in-laws’ house in Addison, Illinois. The course was once privately owned and about 10 years ago was sold to … Continue reading

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