Sugar. Ah, honey honey.

I have a sweet tooth.

I know. It’s horrible, right?

It’s embarrassing to confess such a weakness.

Fortunately you don’t have the same problem I do.

Sweets and sugars and hidden sugars in Wheat Thins and other products don’t pull you in.

You even resist sodas with an average 44g of sugar in them, and nearly 200 calories.

You’re so much stronger than me.

snickersStrong people like you never get pudgy around the middle in the winter months. Never bring chocolate or a King Size Snickers Bar with 54 g or sugar with you to work, just in case you get hungry

Your brain doesn’t jangle like an old time phone every time a pack of donuts shows up in the company cafeteria.

212px-Homer_Simpson_2006No Homer Simpson, you. No sugar rush. Sugar crash.

You don’t even sing along with that stupid song  Sugar Sugar by the Archies from the 1960s. Do you?

I knew you didn’t

Because we all know that while sugar is a ready source of energy of a certain type, you must be careful not to consume it in quantities that exceed the number of calories you burn each day through normal activity and exercise. Sugar is the tarsnake of the athlete’s diet. It can help you along or it can make you crash. Big Time.

We all know what happens then. You gain weight. And get fat. Especially around the middle. Or the hips and thighs. Sugar turns to fat faster than fat turns to fat

Sure I have a weakness for sugar and I eat too much of it. My running and riding suffers as a result. It’s like the myth of Sisyphus. I push my sugary butt up the hill and roll back down when it comes to fitness. Butt let’s face it. We run and ride to get rid of the effects of excess sugar.

And I’m glad that’s not the case with you. You control your diet and eat whole foods and veggies instead of food containing stacks of sugar like I do.

So I’m proud of you. And I hope to mimic your good example. Someday maybe I’ll push that Coke can across the counter again and say “No thanks. I’m cutting down on sugar.”

Ah, honey honey. You are my candy girl.

And you’ve got me wanting you.


For more information about how much sugar is in the foods you eat, visit



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