The true confession of a chiro convert

IMG_7618I felt lighter. That’s the only way I could describe the result of my first chiropractic appointment. Longer, too.

That’s how it is supposed to feel. I guess.

Previous experience with chiropractic care is long in the past.

But I trust this physician. Got to know her first as a person, and her worldview.

She’s also an athlete. Plays soccer. Runs. Swims. Bikes.

Everyone in our BNI business networking group that visits her practice raves about the beneficial effects of her care.

I’m not going to write some treatise on what works in chiropractic care, and what doesn’t. But having written the content for my physician’s website recently, I know she does not make claims she cannot back up with real results in her patients.

This much I now know. The adjustments included a test of the range of motion in my glutes, hips and lower back. Some of that naturally hurt. Because I’m tight from years of running and riding and not enough flexibility work. It’s high time to change that.

There is also the scar tissue on my right lower back that is still hanging around after about a year of recovery from the head-on bike crash I brought on myself through inattention and a downed tree. You can’t run into a tree at 20 mph without some lingering side effects.

So she worked on the scar tissue and tight muscles in a few different ways. This I can state with certainty. My family doctor, great physician that he is, would never dig in with his thumbs and elbows to make things loose enough to work again. Chiropractors by contrast believe that moving things around can have beneficial effects, especially on the neuroskeletal system.

Massage therapists treat sore muscles and fascia. An athlete needs these kinds of things. Podiatrists. Pedorthists. Fix the biomechanical and you’re back on the road to run or ride. Or swim.

I’ve written about physical therapy and its many advantages. It has saved me in many ways, specifically by curing runner’s knee, IT band issues and chondromalacia, to name. I’ve even advocated the idea that for many sports injuries, physical therapy should be the first point of assessment for athletes. Too many family doctors see injuries symptomatically rather than from a causal perspective.

So I believe in the hands-on art and resultant stretching and strengthening exercises prescribed through treatment. But you can always learn more. We fall into old habits and old habits fall into us. Our structure and systems collapse inward or bulge outward with each new travesty we impose on them, or neglect.

So… a wakeup call with a chiropractor that knows what she’s doing is a welcome intervention.  And after all, life is one adjustment after another. Ba dommm teeeeseshhh

I’ll be here all weekend folks. Don’t forget to tip your server.

My chiropractor is Dr. Melissa Wilke, Wilke Chiropractic in Geneva, Illinois. Her new website will be up and running soon. 


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2 Responses to The true confession of a chiro convert

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Can’t agree with you more on the Chiro… They are good medicine.

  2. Rumor has it they can even help conservatives become more flexible. Ha dude. All good.

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