Back in the swim

Things are a bit different at the pool now that we’re Back in the Swim.

This morning marked the first day back at the pool. Our fitness center has all the precautions in place, including hourly deck-cleaning sessions to chemically treat the surfaces outside the pool water.

It seems strange and extreme to watch people going through these motions on our behalf. Part of me feels guilty for even taking advantage of such efforts. But the gal at the desk admitted she’s glad to be back at work, “I need the money!” she chuckled, faux-clapping her hands together.

And that’s how it goes. Our needs and wants are what will drag our economy and the country back toward some sort of normalcy. It stuns me that 70% of the American economy is based on consumer purchasing. That doesn’t seem healthy in many respects.

As for the water in the pool, it was clean and clear and cool. I swam a mile at just under 2:00 per hundred yards. Not fast, but not terrible either. It felt good to put the pectoral muscles and lats back into use. My fitness is good from running and cycling. I guess I’m grateful all around to be active, engaged and trying to stay healthy.

Hope you enjoy the video I made about Back In the Swim. There will be more video features on this blog in the future.

Take care from We Run and Ride. (And swim).

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