“At least I’m not as fat as that person…”

What you’re about to read may not be perceived as kind. But rest assured, the intention is self-directed in some sense. If we can’t reveal some of what goes on inside our heads on a daily basis, then the world is truly sealed off from us. There is no engagement. No interaction. No change to be gained from the things we learn and see.

So let’s talk about the dangers of self-perception and how we deceive ourselves into the wrong type of forgiveness for our bad habits.

We’ll begin this little exercise by talking about fat. And getting fat. And getting used to being fat. From letting fat define us. And refusing to change. 


Honey Buns are a wicked temptation. 

This is not to say that having some fat on bodies is not good for us. It’s healthy in the off season to put on a little weight and let up on the training to a degree. In the past I’ve done the 24/7/365 training thing and had body fat as low as 3%. I was fit but not necessarily healthy, or strong. I was always getting colds, and worse.

That’s the low extreme of fatness. The high end is whatever point we reach that feels intolerable. Several people I know have gone on social media this past week to say, “That’s it! I’m done with my current state of fatness.” One is a swimmer who added an indoor cycling workout to his mix. Another is considering a juice cleanse. Anything to start the process of pushing toxins, grease and too much sugar out of our bodies. It might take a bulldozer.

Just know, that whatever our personal state of existence, there are reasons why we all get fat. More calories going in than are going out. The rest are stored as fat. 


These are breakfast cereals. Seriously?

There’s a reason why calorie intake is so hard to control. The American food industry is obsessed with getting us to eat products that kick our food sensors into high gear every day. We lay there in wait like a lizard salivating for the daily cricket dump.

Take a stroll through the grocery store…and you might as well be walking through a murderous gauntlet built around temptations to get fat. Or fatter. Fatty fat fat fat. 

It feels almost like a conspiracy at times. While walking through the deli and bakery section at the Jewel store yesterday I noticed a counter display that had fat, sugary desserts perched above 12-packs of 312 beer. Desserts and alcohol may be the two worst dietary habits in the universe. Which means that display isn’t just clever marketing. It is enabling food addicts.


I’ve hit my limit I know. The degree of fat on my body is simply not acceptable. But when you get to a certain point there is a risk of accepting where you are because it is so hard to change. There is a temptation to look around at all the people (male or female) that are fatter than you and say to yourself,

“Well, at least I’m not as fat as that person…”

And that, my friends, is when you really know you need to change. America possibly ranks among the TOP 10 Fattest Countries in the World, but who’s really counting? Our President is obese and dines mostly on fast food because he’s personally afraid that someone will try to poison him. Yet there are many who consider the foods we consume from fast food restaurants and the center aisles of the grocery store real poison. So our President is deceiving himself.

Trump Fat.jpg

Make America Fat Again. Donald Trump is eating the heart of America. 

My motivation right now, and I mean this sincerely, is to lose weight in direct opposition to the fat fuck “president” of ours. Here’s a guy who rides golf carts on the greens because he thinks walking (or any exercise) is bad for him. He drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day and swears that the body only has so much energy and working out could shorten his life. What in that litany of fucked up beliefs and habits is there to admire about the man/

This obese bastard got elected to President by rhetorically promising people financial donuts carved from the fat of the land. Coal subsidies versus acid rain? Bring ’em back! Oil drilling versus offshore catastrophes like Deepwater Horizon? Trump just proposed opening 92% of the Continental shelf to drilling. What bad could happen?

And this tax reform farce is nothing more than offering bribery to the masses along with rewards to the rich for sponsoring his Twitter account. That’s what it amounts to.  The tax cuts will run up another trillion in national debt, about which the GOP savaged Obama. Now they’re raving how economic growth will replace all that. How’d that work out for Bush & Co? Not so well. The “have your cake and eat it too” philosophy of trickle down economics never works.

It basically led to the giant “sugar crash” of 2007. Speculators high on the chocolate cake of “free money” stumbled and fell over their own fat feet. As a result, millions of Americans were thrown permanently off the work rolls in the 2007 recession. Nice work, fatheads. And we’re supposed to trust you with another chocolate cake in 2018?

Fuck. You.

IMG_9397But like all fatties in denial, they’re figuring out ways to “trim” vital programs such as Medicare and Social Security to get to a more “lean” budget. Anyone catch the irony here? The solution to America’s bloated government isn’t cutting the waste (or waist) of military spending or corporate welfare. Instead, Trump and the GOP are planning to liposuction out some vital organs by pretending they’re the “fat” about which we all have to be concerned. These would include medical care for the elderly and the long term savings plan of Social Security from which the government stole funds that were never repaid.

But instead of admit that bit of medical malpractice, the GOP wants to kill the patient in order to save the reputation of the merciless physicians of market philosophy. To quote Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life: “We’ve come for your liver.”

Never mind that blood on the floor. It’s the cost of doing business, you know.

Trump got elected because he appeals to a massive audience of fat, stupid, lazy Americans who don’t like to be challenged over their ignorantly racist beliefs, selfish notions of patriotism and penchant for moral donuts like banning abortion and throwing more minorities in jail. Convincing them otherwise is like trying to push a terminally obese patient from the smorgasbord at the community hospital. “I can always go back upstairs if I have a stroke! Donald won’t let me die!”

It’s an impossible task convincing the Fat Fucks they’re killing themselves with their own greed and suspicion toward basic healthcare. But we all have to start somewhere trying to change the world. Thus I’m starting my personal protest against the Fat Fuck Mentality of America by cutting carbs and continuing to read newspapers that report the truth.

We could all use a diet like that.


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