The romance of small ball fitness

Love fest.pngThose of us who run, ride and swim come to realize that while the big muscles that drive us forward are important, it is the little muscles, tendons and connective tissues that keep us together. There must be romance between the big and small muscles for an athlete to stay healthy.

Last night while watching a bike race on TV, then an episode of Outlander, I hauled up the stretchy bands from the downstairs fitness room and spent 40 minutes doing exercises to build back some strength in my knees.

Friday morning I have an MRI appointment, the first step in finding out what caused all the pain and drama last week. But that slowly healed up, and whatever caused it, there are still basics to consider. The knee is weaker than it should be. So it’s time to play “small ball” fitness and build it back up.

Every athlete goes through it sooner or later. Imbalances. Things out of whack. So it’s my turn. Figure out with the doctors if there is something damaged, and get down to the gristle with the physical therapy work I’ve learned in all these years of training.

Trading nipples.png

Small ball fitness on its own may be boring, but not if you’re watching two people trading nipples in Outlander. So there’s a strategy for you. Get a workout while you’re heating up your own brain. What a world we live in.

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