Back in the swim (of things)

Our wedding day was beyond even our expectations in terms of joy and fun and bonding with family and friends. The day seemed to radiate with love. And I mean that seriously.

Water Street Wedding

Photo by Sarah Van Der Heydn at Water Street Studios, Batavia, Illinois. 

Our children and some boyfriends of Sue’s daughters formed the wedding party. We gathered in the gallery of Water Street Studios, the venue where I am a Resident Artist.

Sue and Chris

Photo by Sarah Van Der Heydn

Then we had a grand party in the “dock” which is a restored industrial space with tall limestone walls and space for nearly a hundred people. And we dined and danced and enjoyed the company of new and longtime friends.

Before all that delightful hubbub on Saturday evening, Sue’s sister organized a Sue and Chris 5K the morning of our wedding day.

20+ people showed up to run and walk in the fresh morning breeze. Sue wore her Bride cap and I wore my Groom hat and hers even had a veil. So stylish. It was all romantic and joyous as heck. Her sister Julie (far left) even had bibs made up that say Sue and Chris 5K.


Photo by Evan Paul Cudworth

So much fun. Sue was not supposed to sweat according to the hairdresser, but I wound up very sweaty running with my son Evan (arms raised behind) and a few of the other boys. Yes I’m the Human Highlighter. The wedding weekend experience was amazing. But life goes on.

Back in the swim

Swim Marmion.jpg

Photo by Christopher Cudworth

BECAUSE then Monday came. We’re not honeymooning until later in the year. Which meant the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and Sue and I rose and drove to Masters Swim together. We could easily have called it off and stayed in bed. But that’s not who she is. That’s not the woman I married. Or why I married her. It’s not who I am either.

Suzanne pointing.jpg

Photo by Evan Paul Cudworth

To be true, she’s been quietly tolerant of my lack of swim time over the last month. Judiciously so. Because triathlon season is approaching fast and she knows that I need more foundation to swim a mile in an Olympic distance race. But she has been steadfast in her promise to respect my own involvement in the sport. Welllll, this I do know for sure: It’s time to get back in the swim.

Team dynamics

Swim Man.jpg

Photo by Christopher Cudworth

It’s simply a fact that there has been a lot going on in my little life. Getting married was huge. So was starting a new job that I really love. It’s great to be part of a team again in the community where I work, and lived for 20 years. It’s been fascinating to feel the joy of that after working for myself a few years. That was all great and somehow necessary given so much that had gone on before. Moving ahead now.

Suzanne and Chris.jpg

Photo by Steve Maier

So I’m back in the swim in work and other areas, and liking the feel of it. So it really felt natural to get back in the water this morning. My latissimus dorsi (or whatever) muscles strained at first, and my arms did tire. Yet the hard-earned swimming form has not entirely disappeared. Working on my catch. Keeping my body level.

Even Sue, who is a swim instructor, noted that she improved her stroke by an increment this morning. “I noticed that I wasn’t pulling all the way through on the side where I had my shoulder work done,” she mentioned once she got home.

All of life is a work in progress. The best we can do at times is get in and swim for all we’re worth. And smile when we get out, soaking wet, to discuss the whole thing with those who join us, or don’t.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get your groove back, jump in. Get back in the swim. You’ll love it.









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