Living by the rulers

I’ve been perfectly square for the last 15 years or so. By that, I mean that my inseam exactly matches my waist size, which is 34″.

Being 34″ X 34″ all these years has been a product of some hard work, but also some heavy eating. Like all of you out there, I love to eat. And have a few beers. There is a daily soft drink typically thrown into the mix. Ugh. Liquid poundage. Same with the beers.

Lately, I have been leaning more toward wine at dinner rather than beer. A dietitian recently reached out to me through LinkedIn to trade some marketing services in exchange for some dietary advice. So I keep lurching toward a better approach to eating to go along with a balanced fitness routine that includes running, cycling, swimming, weight work and yoga.

I’d like to lose the few pounds of fat around my waistline. It built up over time and is quite stubborn. Much of it is the product of a lower metabolism with age. But it has not caused my pants size to go beyond 34″ at the waist. I have only panicked once about that, a few years back, when I was under a ton of stress and my comfort food intake shot up due to multiple levels of caregiving.

bigger-rulersFoundationally, the process toward healthy weight loss begins with strength work. That is, building up the smaller leg and joint muscles that carry me through all the running and cycling. I have some biomechanical issues that require strength to support them. It’s a combination of a long athletic career and pursuant age.

Recently we joined a new fitness center that has a ten-lane pool, a 200-meter indoor track and quite adequate weight room facilities. It’s only three miles from the house and thus a logical way to carry a routine of fitness through winter.

I want to manage weight but not lose a ton of it. To get too lean as you age makes for a wizened look. If you’re a guy with buzzed silver hair like me, and lose too much weight, people ask if you’re sick or something. That’s not the image I want, or anyone for that matter.

Rather a healthy, happy fitness for the rest of my life. That’s my goal. Compete and enjoy. And stay square. Living by the rulers.

How about you? What’s your goal for fitness and appearance?

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4 Responses to Living by the rulers

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Yesterday I participated in a study about runners and their pacing in marathons, as well as their general running practices and behaviors. I surprised myself a bit when asked to judge the importance of my running according to various factors. Social participation factors weighed less on the scale while personal fitness and appearance (leanness, weight) were more heavily considered (as well as alone time and space to work through problems). I guess I don’t like to admit that I am concerned about my weight and it is a motivating factor for my activity, because I’m worried that may make me sound exercise bulimic. But in a society where most people lead sedentary lifestyles (no hunting and gathering for us!), I guess I should remember that the connection between health, weight, and activity is normal. I did use to have a magic weight that I thought I needed to aim for, but now I’ve learned that the measurements (like your 34″) are more important. So I live by different rulers like waist size and body fat percentage. Being able to keep those two things steady is easier and much more predictable for the appearance I want than the weight ever was.

  2. You sound well adjusted to me 🙂

  3. OmniRunner says:

    I’m trying to stay under 190 through the holidays. That’s still about 10lbs higher than I’d like to be.
    Primarily, I’m trying to stay in some form of running shape, maintaining my appearance is not a major concern. I can still run a descent 5K or half-marathon time, but know better than to attempt a marathon any time soon.

  4. Those are good goals. Mine are similar really.

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