Triathlon according to Cheerios

Swim Cheerios


It’s been a couple weeks since I actually went grocery shopping. No need to stock up on food before last week’s triathlon camp. It would only go bad. And this week my brother was in town aswe were cleaning out our parent’s house, so we were on the go the whole time. No time for grocery shopping. We ate on the run.


So this morning with an empty pantry, the only options left for breakfast were a few packs of oatmeal and a faithful box of Cheerios. Those Cheerios are at least two months old. But I’ve kept the box closed and sealed. They were fine with a little milk added, and a touch of honey.

Bike Cheerios


Cheerios are billed as heart-healthy. They’re also Gluten free, as if that matters to me. All those promises on the box are not why I buy Cheerios. They are simply a great default cereal when everything else is gone. Like today.


I often eat them with raisins added. But again, we’re out of raisins here at the Cudworth Ranch. So it was plain old Cheerios this morning. And they were good.

Cheerios have been around since I was a kid. That’s getting to be a long time ago. But like many dedicated parents, we used to feed them to our children during church. A little bag of Cheerios is a great way to keep a child occupied.

But one Sunday morning my son was munching away on a bag of Cheerios when he let loose with a fierce sneeze. The bits of soggy, wet Cheerios in his mouth shot forward a full three rows. They landed in the hair of a teenaged girl three pews ahead of us.

Run Cheerios


That meant her huge pile of blow-dried 80s hair looked like it had a constellation of Cheerios stuck in it. I started to laugh. The guy next to me was losing it. His wife was jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow to make him stop laughing. That only made it worse.


And then it got much worse, and even funnier. The girl happened to stroke the back of her hair at that moment and discovered the gross substance stuck to her hair. Her expression was priceless. Now both of us immature guys lost it in the back row. My wife was both chagrined and angry with me, but she could not help laughing either.

So I like Cheerios for many reasons. They are both tasty and entertaining.

In fact, while eating breakfast this morning I created a trio of Cheerio athletes for your entertainment. I like these characters so much I am thinking of creating a tee shirt out of them using a new app I discovered. And if it comes out well I’ll show it to you.

Because that’s what I do. Cheerio, everyone.



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4 Responses to Triathlon according to Cheerios

  1. fionajarrett says:

    Always sound advice to have a box of cheerios on standby 😉

  2. I know. It struck me that way the other morning. They really are good. And it was fun making triathlon characters out of them too!

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