Breakfast by bike at Daddio’s

Me on SpecializedYesterday I used up the last of the milk in the gallon jug from Trader Joes. Never got by the grocery store with business things to do, and woke up this morning knowing there was no moo-moo for the cereal.

It has been warm the last few days. This morning the air smelled fresh and wormy. The earth is emitting its spring smells, and that is one of my favorite things in the world.

All was moist, but it wasn’t going to rain, so I decided to jump on the Specialized Rockhopper and pedal down to the Walgreen’s store in downtown Batavia. It’s only a mile away.
SpecializedSo that was like my morning commute. Because I work a combination of places during the day. Sometimes with tight deadlines, I jump right into writing at the desk set up on the north side of my living room. From there I have views out huge windows in front and back of the house. My bird feeders are out the back window. Or should I say squirrel feeders. Who cares? I like the critters.

On days when my girlfriend needs rides to the train, I drop her off and hit one of the Starbucks in downtown Geneva and St. Charles. There’s also one near my health club, so when I swim or lift from there, that’s a good place to stage before or after. All have their attributes. Some have favorite tables. Others have nice views. But all have good, fast Wi-Fi, and no hassles about it. And to the credit of the Starbucks franchise, all their people are always pleasant and well-trained. I say that without exception. It was true over in London too.

Me with ConeBut this morning my obligations were a bit lighter, so I pedaled my bike downtown and arrived to find the Walgreen’s store closed. Too early, it was.

So I looked next door at Daddio’s. It’s a diner right with all the Right Stuff. The decor is Americana from the 50s and 60s and 70s. Rock album covers. Kitschy Disney and Looney Toons characters. All authentic stuff, including this giant foam fake ice cream cone. Fake is real cool.

At Daddio’s they make a wicked good breakfast. And dinner too. I don’t care what you order. It’s good. The people who run the place are so down to earth and real it makes you want to cry. On some days, the place is hopping and there is a wait for tables. But you know these are local business people who make their living serving great food to others. And it’s worth the wait.

So it was only ten to 7:00 a.m., and I still did not have milk to take home and have cereal. I’d made an omelette for dinner two nights ago and my body has a limit on omelettes per week. Then it hit me that Sue would be heading home from swim at the Marmion pool. So I called her and sure enough, she was in the car coming through downtown Batavia. So I talked her into joining me. And we had a delicious little breakfast together. Just like real life. Only better.

Her hair was wet from swimming. When it starts to dry, she gets these two curls that hang down on her forehead. I really like those curls, because they’re her, without adornment. She muttered as she drank her coffee. “It’s funny. I can go swim and still not be totally Mountain bikeawake. I’m just now waking up with this coffee.” And it was true. She was coming out of that early morning fog that only athletes now how to operate within.

I know the feeling, because I’ve ridden 10 miles into a bike ride and not had a sentient thought go through my brain. I’ve even run four or five miles before popping awake and joining the conversation. And I’m a morning person! But you still need the time to become fully functional.

Breakfast by bike at Daddio’s was fun. Now that the seasons are changing, I also will commute by bike to my gallery at Water Street Studios. My carbon footprint is relatively low other than the electricity used to run this Mac.

I am fueled by dark chocolate and ideas. Many of which I get while out on the bike, or on the run, or now in the pool. I can finally swim well enough to let my mind drift a little.

It would be wonderful if all of life worked like this. Maybe I’ll do that. Make it work.




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2 Responses to Breakfast by bike at Daddio’s

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Omelette idea for you: Bacon and cheese omelette, crispy hash browns and sausage gravy over everything. Try it, I’m told even Democrats think it’s awesome. 😉

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