A love letter found on the street tells a story to which we can all relate

Love LetterHeading out on a 3-mile run I glanced at a piece of notebook paper in the middle of the street. Often I’ll stop to pick such papers up. There are middle school bus stops on the block, and an elementary school two blocks south. Sometimes the notes you find and the homework you read can be quite amusing.

Coming back from the run I stopped to pick up the piece of notebook paper. There was a set of hearts drawn at the top. One said Amanda. The other said Kyle. Next to them was a carefully drawn word: Love.

The note began. “Dear Amanda. My Queen, My Love, My Heart, My Soul, the only thing that makes me whole.”

For a moment, I could not really tell where this was going. Serious or not? Then the direction became clear. Note: The spelling and grammar are recorded as they appear on the love note.

“It has become increasingly harder not being able to talk to you everyday, yet also makes it that much more pleasurable when we do. I can not even explain the joy and happiness that overwhelms me when I see your beautiful face on our visits. or even just to hear your sweet voice.”

Seriously. This man is in love.

“I am so happy and proud to see you working again, even though I know its not your ideal job, and is very rough on you. I keep praying that you find better work and stay strong. I know we both rely on each others strengths, and can conquer this and become that much stronger in the end. Not a day passes when I’m not thinking of you and all the amazing moments we shared. My heart and soul longs to be with you again and share everything we deserve. Our beautiful home, wonderful life, and amazing partnership which will only grow stronger as time passes and we grow old together.”

At this point, we can only imagine what the young woman reading this note might be thinking. She may be of the same heart as her lover Kyle, or she may have taken her new job to start a new life. As for this young man Kyle, what a fool believes is always better than nothing.

“I cannot imagine a world without you as my beautiful wife and raising even more beautiful children. I do not care how hard I’ll have to work to achieve our goals, but I will strive everyday of my life to make it possible. You deserve your happiness and I’m truly sorry to have hindered it from happening sooner.”

The plot thickens.

“From here on out there will be no more mistakes or regrets, only overwhelming joy, and happy ever afters. The only tears from here on out shall be tears of joy, and new beginnings…”

He is one determined dude. If a bit naive.

“Long nights of cuddling and holding each other close kissing you hard and deeply. Feeling the warmth of your touch and embrace. Taking in every moment as if it were our last, because I appreciated everything we have given each other, and still have to give.”

One gets the feeling they’re either already married, or planning a marriage.

“You are my everything and life would be hopeless without you. I need your smile which brightens my day like the sun, your sweet soft voice like calming melodies in my ears, and your loving touch that couldn’t compare to anything else in the world.”

Stay on the rails, son.

“The day you set foot in my life I knew there was no other and now that I”m gone it only solidifies my feelings. Because without you by my side I feel weak and hopeless but I know that this will only be for a short time and am already ready and planning to make up for every last moment, and create more lasting memories that will overwhelm the mistakes of my past.”

We are positively Shakespearean at this point.

“I miss flowing with you, miss making love to you, honestly miss very little thing about you. I hate that I ever fought against and regret every moment I didn’t listen to you. Your laugh and smile make me so happy and I can’t wait to hear and see them again. Seeing you today was such a great moment in my day today and I wish everyday was that good of a day in here, and only reminds me of how quickly I need to get back home, and make sure we are never apart again.”

Military? Work transfer? School?

“I know it is hard, but I am so proud of how strong you have been so far. I know that we can both make it through the darkness into the light of another. Let our brightness shine through onto the path of tomorrow that we may walk together again in peace into a life filled with love and happiness that is never ending. Your King, Your Love, Your Life, Your Light, Your Husband, Your soul, and everything in between. Love, Kyle.”

Okay, that last paragraph solves a couple little mysteries, but there are some still intriguing unknowns. What caused the rift, and separation? And to what mistakes is this man Kyle referring to? There is certainly no shortage of passion or hope for compassion in his plea. He is, quite simply, a man in love. 

How fascinating a tale it really is. Perhaps a letter from his love Amanda will show up on the street tomorrow. If not, perhaps I’ll have to write one of my own, for it’s a running mystery to know the workings of love.

About Christopher Cudworth

Christopher Cudworth is a content producer, writer and blogger with more than 25 years’ experience in B2B and B2C marketing, journalism, public relations and social media. Connect with Christopher on Twitter: @genesisfix07 and blogs at werunandride.com, therightkindofpride.com and genesisfix.wordpress.com Online portfolio: http://www.behance.net/christophercudworth
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