Greetings from Angola, where all my newest readers apparently live

Yes today marked a big new milestone in the annals of We Run and Ride. We just topped 5000 views in a single day. According to the stats on WordPress, those views came from the nearby country of Angola. Here’s a map of where Angola sits in Africa.

Angola Reads WRAR I don’t know much about the country of Angola, but something tells me their citizens are not all that interested in my blog featuring original thoughts about running and riding.

Angola FlagBesides, their flag is really scary. Not sure what that imagery means, because it appears to be a machete hacking apart a sprocket of some sort. Perhaps they’ll cut your bike in half if you try to ride through the country.

Those of you brave enough to try might want to know that Angola is situated in the lower southwest section of the continent of Africa that if it were still connected to the continent of South America as it was back in the days of early continental tectonics would connect with the southeastern ass-end of Brazil.

Brazilian-bikini-girl-89Of course we know there are a lot of asses to be seen in Brazil as a rule. The nation appears to have some sort of law that says women who live in that country must have their asses on display at all times.

Wonders of the world

It all leaves me wondering why someone in Angola cares about my little blog here in the United States. Yes, We Run and Ride has readers all over the world. I get comments from Australia and India and Africa too. But 5000 in Angola alone?

Out of site

Of course this spike in readers from Angola is all some sort of deception. They’ve somehow piled those statistics up to get me to visit their website and use the Share links they want me to use on my site. And of course that probably downloads the corresponding information of visitors direct from my site to their database. Then they ship out junk to all those people. Or something like that.

Disconnected from reality?

The Internet is a really weird place that way. We’re all connected and yet disconnected from reality. For a long time my blog said that I had nearly 1000 followers. Then I changed themes and suddenly the numbers dropped. What the hell is going on out there?

I just write because I enjoy writing about running or riding. Honestly the top number of legitimate views I’ve gotten on this blog is 2500 in a single day. I wish it was ten times that number but it hasn’t happened. So I got a little excited when I saw the spike in today’s number. I thought my recent spike in Twitter followers had connected with some sort of Twitter maven who drove traffic to my amazing blog. No such luck. Instead it was some sort of Follower Spam Scheme from some nutwads based in Angola. Have at it fellers.

Genuine efforts

The one place where my writing took off was on That site is now defunct, sold off by the owners in a fit of concession to, who bought the domain and then shut it down. One of my posts there got 25,000 views in one day. It was an excerpt that wound up in my book The Right Kind of Pride.  The success of that blog entry encouraged me to publish the book.


Some Angolan Olympians let people know their country of origin.

I guess I should not be ashamed. Nearly 200,000 people all over the world have visited We Run and Ride since I started writing it a couple years ago. And I’m sure there are all kinds of nice people in Angola. I’d actually like to go there someday. So if some of you over there actually are reading this blog and want to invite me to stay with you for a week or a month, I’d love to visit. We can run and ride together, and I can add dozens of species to my birding life list.

It’s happened before. One of my articles in Runner’s World lined up a gig as the official artist of the Brazosport Run for the Arts. I made all kinds of new friends and won a national award from Runner’s World for the best running art poster.

So strange things can happen. But I’m not holding my breath on this one.


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