Can hugs and kisses make you a better runner and rider?

Kiss and Hugs Training schedule

A kiss is but a kiss. But it can help you win. Make you ready for competition or combine with a hug as part of good training.

A kiss is but a kiss. But it can help you win. Make you ready for competition or combine with a hug as part of good training.

Hugging and kissing have tons of benefits for people who run and ride. Research shows hugs are good for health across a number of fronts, and kisses improve everything from the health of your teeth to the muscles of your face.

With these benefits in mind, what follows is a suggested training schedule of Kisses and Hugs to support your marathon, half marathon, cycling or triathlon training goals.

Beneficial effects of hugs and kisses

When you incorporate Kisses and Hugs into your training program these training techniques have beneficial effects in terms of workout recovery, mental attitude and general happiness in the weeks leading up to and including the night before the race. And while sex is great if in a training routine as well, it is important to remember that affectionate hugs and kisses should not always be perceived as leading to sex. Hugs and kisses build trust, self esteem and enthusiasm for life. With that in mind, here is a suggested “training” schedule for hugs and kisses in advance of your next marathon, half marathon, triathlon or cycling event.


Hugs: Engage in pre-or-post morning activity involving some neck-nuzzling and perhaps a short kiss on the lips (see next item).

Kisses: After your morning coffee, apply at least one caffeine induced kiss. If you have a long workout scheduled Sunday morning, be sure to squeeze in at least one hug and a kiss either before or during the run or ride. It works wonders.


Hugs should be applied after work and after workout. Be sure to embrace fully if time allows.

Kisses: A short kiss in the parking lot at the train station is acceptable. No tongue. It’s Monday, you horny little angel.


Hugs should be administered post-swim if possible. This may necessitate a stop by the home of your Hugs and Kisses trainer on your way home from the pool.

Kisses: To save time, Tuesday Post-Swim kisses can be applied at the same time as Post Swim Hugs.


Evening hugs shall be received on the couch after dinner. Be sure to snuggle and possibly doze off a little.

Kisses: Have at it. Kisses are even good for your teeth, can lead to weight loss and even prevent the common cold!


Hugs: This is a taper day in advance of possible hard hug workout on Friday. Be gentle and even take a day off if your schedule is too busy.

Kisses: A little slip of the tongue is acceptable on Thursdays. Involve wine if necessary.


Hugs: Today’s hug regimen can and should be applied with limited clothing involved.

Kisses: Uh-oh. Slow down. Yes that was a nice dinner. The wine was really great. Cheese too.

This is a speed workout but don’t forget the rest intervals either. Mmmm-hmmmm.


Hugs: Okay, last night was great. Don’t hurt yourself now. Hugs count double mileage today.

Kisses: Should be affectionate, relaxed.

There you have it. This Hugs and Kisses training program is proven to prevent injuries, undue stress leading up to competition and better self esteem and confidence leading up to major half marathon, marathon, cycling or triathlon events.

In all seriousness: hugging and kissing the people you love is a great gift that should be treasured and valued in your relationships. It really can help you have a better life when you run and ride.


There is a saying by Virginia Satir, a respected family therapist, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”



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