Rozik designing bike clothes that go beyond the commute

By Christopher Cudworth

If you were going to design a line of pants for bicycling commuters, where would you start? The fabric? The design? The crotch?

If you answered “all three” then you might have what it takes to be bike clothes designers the likes of Anne Clarrissimeaux and Anthony Rosich of Dallas (TX), who have launched a company named Rozik to make clothing for cyclists who like to ride to work without changing all sorts of clothes when they get there. The tagline for the company ( is “Clothes that go in any direction life takes you.”

Breaking the right rules

Rozik pants are fashionable. And functional.

Rozik pants are fashionable. And functional.

It makes a lot of fun sense for a line of commuter clothing to break a few rules while paying attention to key points of style. For starters, the pants look good, like a pair of working khakis should. But hidden in the weave is just enough stretch (just 3% spandex) to make these 97% cotton pants feel good when you climb on your bike and ride to work. Yet they look great when you step in the office. No one need know that your Rozik khakis are designed for any other purpose than doing what office clothes do. Fit in. Yet stand out. It’s all good with Rozik.

The line of pants designed by Rozik is both stylish and smartly designed. But let us discuss a vital point at risk of being indelicate. Upon trying on a pair of Rozik pants, the one comment that guys are sharing about the design is that they offer room where it counts. In the crotch.

Seamless comfort

The room and flow extends from stem to stern.

The room and flow extends from stem to stern.

There’s no thick seam to pressure the area where you sit on the bike seat. And the pants have a “gusset” designed into the underside of the crotch to allow room for comfort and movement. That’s even more important to a commuter pant than a line of chamois, which only makes you feel uncomfortable and thick if you were to wear them to work.

Beyond cycling, the design of Rozik pants could start a minor revolution of sorts with men. Because while looks count in the cut of a pair of pants, ultimately what rules is comfort. Rozik pants are comfortable. Even to those who might want to go commando. Not recommended for the office, of course. But no one works all the time. And Rozik is designed, as the tagline says, “to go in any direction life takes you.”

Discreet benefits

While selling her line of pants to bike shops across the country, Anne Clarrissimeaux has learned to let the pants speak for themselves on the subject of, shall we say, the low country comfort. “It’s a little awkward to speak right to the point,” she admits. “But guys figure it out for themselves pretty quick.”

The revolution may be beginning already. Testimonials on the Rozik website confirm the comfort factor

“I am in love with my new trousers. You guys have done such a killer job with the fit, that I’m starting to realize that my previous pants problems may have been more about everybody else’s poorly fit pants, and not so much my generously-portioned cyclist butt.”

“So it’s all true:  the new Rozik trousers are magically comfy.”

“Folks, these pants are wicked awesome. Totally digging my pair.”

Practical innovation

City riding is easy in a pair of Analyzer Rozik pants.

City riding is easy in a pair of Analyzer Rozik pants.

The pants have several great practical features that complement the comfort factor. The full-length khakis easily roll up to mid-calf and button with a tab. The process takes just seconds and the pants unroll wrinkle free. There is also the SafeSwitch, a patent-pending pocket design that allows commuters to pop out a reflective tab on the back pocket for travel, and a discreet zippered pocket to hold a wallet, keys or other items.

The knickers are simply cool.

The knickers are simply cool.

The stylish knickers do not look like knickers in the traditional sense of the word, but end smartly below the knee in a cut that says “I can go where I want to go in these pants.”

Freedom and incorporation 

Rozik is designed for self-assured men who know their schedules and commute by bike because they like the freedom and feel of incorporating their cycling into a critical part of their lives. That’s not to say that Rozik pants would not work for a trip to the library our out with friends for a cruises to a local eatery and a night dancing before riding home. Just bring a light for your bike. The pants will handle the rest of the evening.

Rozik=Every Wear

The logo tagline encapsulates the future plan for the compay. Rozik: Every Wear.

The growing line of Rozik clothing includes the Analyzer pants, the Wanderer knickers as the central offerings of the new line. Rozik tee shirts compliment the pants line and a set of slacks called The Traveler is coming soon, along with a lean cut shirt called The Thinker and a women’s shirt as the first expansion toward the female market.

Anne Clarrissimeaux is busy expanding the distribution network for the Rozik line, offering the clothes through bike shops in Texas and Illinois for starters. The Twitter site is @rozikeverywear and on Facebook under Rozik Wear.

It’s a simple proposition. Rozik makes Clothes that go in any direction life takes you. Even if you choose to go commando. But we won’t tell.


Note: The author of this blog has no commercial ties or involvement in the Rozik line of sportswear. All opinions on this blog are the sole responsibility of its author, Christopher Cudworth. 

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