Monte writes some riding wresolutions

WE RUN AND RIDE New Years Resolutions

by Monte Wehrkamp (January 4, 2012)

We all wrestle with our New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes they become wresolutions:Solutions to problems with which we wrestle in running and riding. These are focused on riding. Because Monte kind of hates running. Don’t ask him about he. He literally broke is ass last time he tried it. So here’s the pedal resolutions he has resolved to make. 

Monte Wehrkamp on our annual trek to Wisconsin

Let’s hold him to the fun he prescribes. See you on the MTB!

I resolve to ride like a kid again. To meander and seek, to take a new road or trail with no plan or purpose other than to see where it goes, and what it’s like.

I resolve to let fitness be the byproduct, and not the goal. I’ll not worry so much about zones, or intervals, or whether I’m doing enough climbing work, or what my mileage or speed/pace is in 2013. 

I resolve to stop quantifying and qualifying. If all I have time for is a 25 minute ride after work or on a Saturday afternoon, then I shall take the opportunity and make it the best 25 minute ride possible, and stop thinking 25 minutes is not enough to “do any good” and simply not riding at all. Bah! Good is in the doing. Good is in the now. I shall do good now for as long as I have time available.

I resolve to ride my mountain bike more. I shall seek out trails and paths and wind my way through woods and prairies where nature inspires and heals. 

I resolve to take a riding vacation with my wife. Maybe it will be back in my homestate of South Dakota, or maybe California, Colorado, Florida or even Delaware or Texas. Inn to inn, or B&B to B&B, taking in a new place at a bike’s pace, then exploring each day’s destination on foot, tasting and smelling, meeting new people.

I resolve to start a friend or family member on a bike. Somewhere, someone I know is ready for the joy of pedaling; they’re just waiting for the encouragement. I shall have my eyes and ears open and will help where and when I can.

I resolve to make the Saturday morning group ride a bigger priority. It’s usually too hot, or too cold, or too fast, or too hard — and usually, I have too much to do. I shall dispense with the excuses and remember the joy of riding with a group of good riders, with good conversation, and enthusiastic effort – and I’ll be there. 

I resolve to ride a century with Chris Cudworth. We had hoped to ride one in 2012 — have one of our wives dump us off in the middle of nowhere, and we’d roll back home. Life events conspired against us in the fall of 2012, but we shall get our century completed in 2013.

I resolve to ride a charity event. There are no shortage of opportunities in Illinois, with many worthy causes. I shall support at least one with both my participation and my checkbook. 

I resolve to clean my bike more. Cuz seriously. Ick. 

I’m sure I’ve left out some great resolution ideas, so I encourage everyone to share their running and riding resolutions below, whether they be new this year, or ones you’ve kept in the past. Heck, for fun, you can even share resolutions you made with the best intentions, but were unable to keep. 

And we’ll see you on the road or trail in 2013!
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