From one bag of bones to another

Before hopping on the train to Chicago this morning, I slipped into the restroom at the Perk Up! cafe in the Geneva train station. The walls in that room were decorated with skeleton wallpaper.

The first image that stood out was the band of cycling skeletons.

I think I’ve ridden with some of those folks. Most of them seem to be wearing helmets. But not to worry if they’re not. It’s impossible to get a debilitating head injury if there’s nothing inside. And if you dare claim, “My legs are killing me,” the entire group ride will just laugh at you and say, “That can’t be true! You’re already dead!”

The next band of skeletons appeared to be having a fit of existential angst about their city life. I can certainly relate to their urban blues. Yet the pile of skeleton heads to the right is a bit disconcerting. But now it appears one of their kin is heading over to investigate. Perhaps he’s just looking for a friend. In the pile. Such is life in Skeleton City.

Whoa! Lookee there! If there’s such a thing as a Skeleton Hottie, I guess that babe with the boney hips with the cell phone and skelepup is one of them. Perhaps the skeledog walker had been trying to impress her with his deathly trie, but struck out because he couldn’t promise that he’d get a boner later on. Well, no worries. The gal in the sundress and shades seems to have gotten a chuckle out of that. Perhaps he’ll get lucky with her. Unless Mr. Alcohol gets there first.

But wait! It appears there really is romance in the skeleton world! Here’s a bride and groom about to bone up on their vows. They’ll love the part that says “Til death do us part,” because they’ve already knocked that one out of the park. Perhaps that’s the head of her Ex in the left foreground.

Who says skeletons aren’t up for a little old-fashioned fun? Here are a few skeletal folks enjoying the thrills of a Merry-Go-Round. Those first two horses seem jealous of the skeleton centaur in the lead. I guess the skeleton world is a bit more complicated than I thought. But the motif seems a little repetitive with skulls on top for decoration.

There you have it. So, from one bag of bones to another, here’s hoping your femur supports your tibia and all that nonsense. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other in this life, even when you’re dead.

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