Confessions of a f*ck up, and how to keep laughing about it

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We Run and Ride

I love it when I f*ck up. Find it amusing. My kids love it too. They roll their texting eyes and go, “OMG dad.”

This morning in conversation with my fiance Sue, I was discussing a fun coaching session I conducted with a friend named Oliver. He’s got some talent for running and already has his swimming chops down. So I was downloading the experience of working with him and tried to relate his swim times. This is how it went.


It’s quite easy to misquote times in an innocent conversation. You just admit it and move on. I rather love finding out I’ve messed up badly. Some of life’s funniest circumstances come out of honest mistakes. While blogging about my personal history years ago I misquoted the date my son was born. It made it appear that he was a love child. My two kids conducted a side conversation…

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