That moment when…

IMG_1850Athletes bear the extra burden of things to remember when getting ready to run, ride or swim. Forgotten items and preparations can lead to that moment when…

TMW: You realize your favorite running shorts are in a heap of wet laundry at the bottom of the washing machine.

TMW: 10 miles into a bike ride you look down and realize you forgot to put air in your tires.

TMW: Both water bottles are sitting back on the kitchen counter and you’re about to meet up with the ride group at the prescribed time.

TMW: You empty your bag at the locker room and realize the only swim goggles you brought are dark and the pool is dark and you are about to enter a very dark world for 3000 meters.

TMW: Your shoe comes untied at the mile mark of a 5K in which you’ve prepared for weeks to set a PR.

TMW: You thought you grabbed the sun-block arm sleeves when what you grabbed were actually arm warmers, and it is 84 degrees outside.

TMW: You signed up online and trained for a race and the race organizers seem to have no record of your entry. Anywhere.

TMW: Lying in your warm bed with your partner facing the very real question of whether to have sex and risk being late for your training or walking around all day wishing you weren’t an athlete at all.

TMW: Any tree starts to look like a bathroom, but you didn’t tote any toilet paper.

TMW: You step out of the Porta Pottie to realize a bit of leakage has stained the crotch of your cycling kit and there are 40 people waiting in lines to witness that moment.

TMW: It’s time to change a flat tube and there are no replacement tubes in the pouch under your seat because you had a flat the last ride and forgot to refill.

TMW: The favorite flavor of your PowerBar, Clif Bar or NUUN is empty at the store.

TMW: You set a PR only to find out the course is short.

TMW: You set a PR only to find out the course is long.

TMW: You set a PR and no one really seems to care.

TMW: You’re too exhausted from training to stay at a really fun party. So you go home and then can’t get to sleep because you’re too wired from the party.

TMW: That extra drink tasted really good and the next morning there are 86 miles to ride on a windy, sunny day on a course with lots of hills.

TMW: You are 80% done with your swim workout and really have to pee, but on principle you refuse to do that in the pool.

TMW: The walk from the locker room to the pool feels extra cold and you realize you are getting a cold or the flu, but swim anyway.

TMW: At the finish of a race you realize that things would have gone much better if you’d trained more/less/harder/easier/something. Because that’s how it always feels.

Perhaps you have a few That Moment When ideas to share?




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6 Responses to That moment when…

  1. Jesse says:

    TMW: You have just finished a 10 mile run with a new group of runners and you are all stretching together when you look down and see that sweat has turned your (stupidly purchased) white-mesh running shorts transparent.

  2. Haaaa. I finished a race in Iowa once that was run at night. A woman finished and walked through the spray hoses at the finish line and was basically, instantly naked. She just dealt with it. Sometimes you have to go with the flow…thanks for sharing! And so true.

  3. bgddyjim says:

    Arrive at the meeting spot for the club ride only to realize you left your cycling shoes at home. You install a spare set of platform pedals on your bike and ride in your running shoes.

    True Story. I learned the real reason we clip in that day. Try holding a 90 cadence at 26 mph on platform pedals, in sneakers.

  4. Ugh that would be hard. I once rode with a kid that had only white tennis shoes on…and kept up with the group. It made me crazy cause I was struggling. Sometimes innocence is bliss. Thanks for sharing a true and painful story.

  5. fionajarrett says:

    TMW when you’re 2 miles into a long run & your i-pod/radio dies.
    TMW when you get home after a 100km cycle and realise you forgot to bring a house key…. I have so many of these moments! Great post.

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