Giving name to our rock and roll running and riding

By Christopher Cudworth

imgres-1Those of you who’ve been keeping up with Rock N Roll the last 50 years know that band names often come from strange places. Steely Dan is named after a shiny vibrator, for example.

The Rolling Stones tip their hat to their blues origins in their name. Led Zeppelin hints at a trace of irony and angst.

imgresAnd given the popularity of the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon series, it seems like there’s quite a market for sports and rock to merge. So why don’t we have a little fun making up our own band names based on the many things we experience as we run and ride?

The Black Toenails would be a great band name for an Indie group. Ideally the group would be part R&B and part goth depressive subtones. Of course all the band members could paint their toenails black. Or hammer them black and blue with their guitars.

Hamstring Pull would be a great name for a country rock band. Their style could be part The Band and part Grateful Dead.

Here’s a list of other prospective band names to prime the pump. All are based on things we experience while running and riding. All you need now is a bass player,  a guitarist, some drums and a singer. An oh yeah, some music and lyrics would help too. Then you’re on your way to rock stardom. Or something like that.

So let’s explore the possibilities. These bands may soon be appearing at a club near you.

Chain Slip. Or a play on words. Chains Lip?

Salty Sweat. You know you love it.

The Hill Repeats. Their music hurts.

Hard Workout. It could mean a lot of things. Rock n’ Roll always does.

Shoes For Cheap. It’s ironic. Get it?

The Fat Tireds. Versus Fat Turds. Which is a whole different music genre. But also fits with running and riding. You know it’s true.

PR4U. It’s fun to say, for one thing. I’m thinking pop music here.

The Dirty Kits. Nothing more funky than a kit that has not been washed. Rock on.

Sick Century. Can you feel the Portland grunge happening with this band?

High Mileage. We all know where the brain goes on high mileage. Double entendre. Runner’s high. Collapsing on the bike.

My Bike Sucks. Confessional rock of an emo-ish nature. Lots of makeup on this group.

Run Like Shit. You can go a lot of musical directions with this band name. All downhill.

Rideslut. Lyrics would have to be full of sexual innuendos for this band to make it.

The Crotch Rots. It’s both a fact and an action. That makes it totally rock n roll.

Echelon Dream. Like Roxy Music. Only cheesier.

Coldplay. Oh, wait. Is this one taken?

Well, you get the picture. So it’s time to map out your rock n’ roll future. What would your band be named if you named it after something you do or experience while running and riding?

You can add in swimming if you like too. My personal swim band name would be:

Runners Sink. Or Runner Sinks. Either one works. Cause it’s true.

And I stake a claim to the band name The Tarsnakes. I rank #1 on Google for that term.

Send in your band names in the comments section. Have some fun with this!


Enter your band name and you could win a free We Run and Ride oval decal! 

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4 Responses to Giving name to our rock and roll running and riding

  1. There’s also my favorite, The IT Band, maybe too easy or maybe a stretch….

  2. Denise Day says:

    VO2 Max – fast thrash metal
    The DOMS – head banging stuff gives you headache the next day
    Negative Splits – Punk band.

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