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Leave your worries behind

Over the course of a career, athletes experience a variety of circumstances as they approach competition. Every race is different even if one is competing on a perfectly composed and constructed 400-meter track. That means mental preparation for competition is … Continue reading

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A non-fiction journey through a peak racing season

  The schedule While cleaning out my house to move, I dug up some running journals that included a summary of a peak competitive season. So I invite you to Come With Me on a non-fiction journey through a peak-period … Continue reading

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Time in the purgatory lane

As the latest swimmer to join the Master’s Swim sessions held Monday through Thursday, I’ve come a long way in eight weeks of early morning freestyle. My stroke is stronger and my kick a bit better. Yet I’ve still got a … Continue reading

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Training tradeoffs and shoe trade-ins

Yesterday was a fine day for cycling. Jumped on the Specialized Venge and rolled through 18 miles with a cutback through Fermilab for some scenic riding. It wasn’t a very fast ride. 15.8 mile average. About the equivalent of an … Continue reading

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No race for the faint of heart

A friend recruited me to contribute commentary on his Facebook page because he shared a video of Vice Presidential (or is it Presidential?) candidate Mike Pence pontificating on the benefits of teaching creationism as a theory of human origins. Pence … Continue reading

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Better get a move on

When we prepare for a competitive event such as a triathlon, there are many moving parts that must fall into place. There’s the training for each sport with all its many challenges. Then there is always the equipment to consider … Continue reading

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Loss or gain in a puff of smoke

The world of endurance sport has changed in many ways over the last thirty years. We’ve watched heroes rise and fall, come and go. Lance Armstrong ruled the world and then collapsed like the subject of a Cold Play song. I … Continue reading

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The importance of honesty once the race is done

The minutes following a race are some of the most vulnerable yet empowering moments in your life. There is empiric data to consider. How fast did you go? If you are a triathlete, that is a manifold question compounded by … Continue reading

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